Vitamin C industry access standards" timely release"


Vitamin C industry access conditions has been developed to complete the letter from the public works department. According to the Department of Public Works letter shall work plan, the admittance condition will" timely release". It is to guide the industry benign development, solve the industry disorderly competition and repeated construction, reversal of vitamin C keeps prices down trend, good bibcock enterprise.

According to the introduction, C of our country vitamin price was high amounted to every kilograms12-14 dollar, profit space is larger, which led to the excessive investment situation, peak period of domestic production of vitamin C manufacturer high amounted to 28.

Investigation shows,2010 global vitamin C total demand but about 120000 tons, China 's total production capacity has been close to 180000 tons, far beyond the global demand.

In order to compete for the limited market, domestic enterprises began to make price war greatly, vitamin C export price into a new round of decline. By the end of 2011, vitamin C price to $3 per kg below.

One is the serious oversupply, on the other hand is overall this year CPI rose, further push the high cost of enterprise. It is reported, at present the price of vitamin C is the enterprise cost bottom line, there are some small businesses have started to stop production.

Therefore," for brewing for market access policies, the vitamin C industry and we are looking forward to industry association." Chinese medicine (600056) health care products import and Export Chamber of Commerce said.

The reporter understands, access conditions from the energy consumption, level of technology, environmental protection, security and other aspects of the vitamin C industry norms, is expected to improve the industry 's decline.

In this regard, the consultant in the pharmaceutical industry researcher Guo Fanli said, access conditions after the introduction of the vitamin C industry, most of the enterprises will be eliminated. After the departure of the small and medium-sized enterprises, industry concentration will increase, the vitamin C prices rebounded to pave the way.

Market participants said, industry access threshold setting for industry is a good thing, but for the leading industry, to the refinement direction should be the vitamin C industry development direction in the future.


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